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مشاهدة النسخة كاملة : Let's make our conversation

02-10-2007, 09:45 AM

In a nutshell, the idea that we speak the language in English
to strengthen our language. English is not only the practice of talking about
anything....the study, films, food
honstly my language is not yet
just Iwill try
u can try with me

what do u like or Preferred in television

i don't like channel 2
it is so dirty

what a bout u

Thinner greetings

02-10-2007, 10:05 AM


their is a lot of channels I prefer
the most channel i see
its tmc
from show time

* اذا كان فيه اخطاء خبروني وجزويتم خيرا :)

منى عجاجي
02-10-2007, 12:09 PM
Honey. Nice to speak English To strengthen the language
For MBC 2, I do not I follow only very rarely
But not allow my daughter to follow this channel
Because of its peculiar scenes and the culture of cheap
Did not suit young children

And like many follow-Manar channel

And thank you to the topic beautiful

Greetings to you

و ياربي ما اكون عكيت
او خرجت عن الموضوع ..و اذا كان كده استروا على ما واجهتون 23

أسرة الياسمين
02-10-2007, 01:58 PM

what do u like or Preferred in television

i don't like channel 2
it is so dirty

what a bout u

Thinner greetings

ha ha ha
i like channel 2
it is pusy
I lessen news
or acchin films

thanks 1

oh, i forget
i very love the sleep

02-10-2007, 02:12 PM

لا يجوز لنا التكلّم بالعربي مثلاً..

فكرة جميلة ورائعة, أتمنى أن اشاركَ بها..



انس العوض
02-10-2007, 02:25 PM
Thank U
it is good idea
let us (all) try
and it will be very useful for our English
* * *
I like MBC2 very much

02-11-2007, 04:15 PM

لا يجوز لنا التكلّم بالعربي مثلاً..

فكرة جميلة ورائعة, أتمنى أن اشاركَ بها..



ahlan Zahra
The idea of this subject
is to impove our Language
so , If we make a mistake, there is no problem



02-11-2007, 04:36 PM
Yesterday, I saw a good movie
The name of the movie is Far and Away
by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidma
Talking about immigration to America


02-12-2007, 11:31 AM
hello every there

how do u do
thank's for
Your presence I

show time......ammmmmmm
i didn' have a mode 2 Follow the good movie
but i am watshing the one which I hear about beautiful

what is the best film have u seen ?

idon't like tom Cruise 11

Thinner greetings

02-12-2007, 11:38 AM

hi my dear

it is too fine

all most of channel tv not suitable 4 children
like channel 3
it learn them a lot of bad idea

but space toon good 4 him

Thinner greetings

02-12-2007, 11:41 AM
usrat al yasmmeen


sleep is the best job
so, i hope u have a nice dream

thank's 4 coming

Thinner greetings

02-12-2007, 11:47 AM
hi anas

Frankly .. I don't like this channel
I have a Question

why all the men like this channel 1

thank' 4 comeing

Thinner greetings

02-12-2007, 11:55 AM
oh.. my beatifull butterfly
al zahra

This subject ourselves to develop

it dosn't mean we didn't like the great lungoag ARABIC

So please TRY 2 speak

Thinner greetings

02-14-2007, 01:21 PM

what about ur favorite acter
I like
what do u think?

Thinner greetings

سيف الدولة
02-16-2007, 04:39 PM
it's good idea
channel 2 &4 , oth are very bad
but i think all TV channels are bad ...
they destroy our life..
step by step

seif Al-dawle

02-17-2007, 08:38 PM
hello seif al-dawla

u right..but i think all of us like 2 see something in diffrent time
like movie or another program
Some contribute to the culture of useful

Thinner greetings

**شمس لا تغيب**
02-20-2007, 12:37 PM
Dear Akelah:

wow I like your interesting idea,it is so useful .

So,I will contribute with you .

I prefer the Arabic channels generally, especially the respectable and conservative one like Alshareqah,Iqra,Al Arabyah,Al Ekbaryah,Almajd with its 9 jewels ... which respect the mentality of Arabic watcher,not like the most channels which kills the good morals and the morality,spend its time with songs,danse,magic programmes.

I see MBC2 sometimes just the action films but i hate the impolite scens , the romantic and dansing movies.

I suggest that we should correct our mistakes to achieve the purposes from our conversations.

All of you>>>What is your opinion to talking about apractical subjects??

Thanks so much Akelah>>>

03-20-2008, 03:02 PM

really >>u have a right opinian
but some time i like watching something

i want say ..i 'm bad watcher
i don't like stay on chair just 2 watch

I feel really bored !

ok.. another quastion

who is ur favorite writer ?

03-26-2008, 07:06 PM
who is ur favorite writer ?[/LEFT][/FONT]

good Idea

I favorite writer

Nageep Alkylanee
Aishaa abdalrhman (bent alshatea)
Zkrya tamer

07-01-2009, 06:55 PM
very nice salem
elkylany is a wonderfull writer .. i like him
is a good writer as i read something which she wrote


what about Zkrya tamer

i don't know who is he
can u tell us something about him

tinner greating

07-01-2009, 11:51 PM
ok.. akeela

Zakariya Tamir

), also transliterated Zakariya Tamir (born January 2 (http://www.d-alyasmen.com/wiki/January_2), 1931 (http://www.d-alyasmen.com/wiki/1931) in Damascus (http://www.d-alyasmen.com/wiki/Damascus), Syria (http://www.d-alyasmen.com/wiki/Syria)) is an influential master of the Arabic-language short story.
He is one of the most important and widely read and translated short story writers in the Arab world, as well as being the foremost author of children’s stories in Arabic (http://www.d-alyasmen.com/wiki/Arabic).[1] (http://www.d-alyasmen.com/vb/#cite_note-0) He also writes children's stories and works as a freelance journalist (http://www.d-alyasmen.com/wiki/Journalist), writing satirical columns in newspapers.
His volumes of short stories, are often reminiscent of folktales (http://www.d-alyasmen.com/wiki/Folktales), and are renowned for their relative simplicity on the one hand and the complexity of their many potential references on the other. They often have a sharp edge and are often a surrealistic (http://www.d-alyasmen.com/wiki/Surrealistic) protest against political or social oppression and exploitation. Most of Zakaria Tamer’s stories deal with people’s inhumanity to each other, the oppression of the poor by the rich and of the weak by the strong. The political and social problems of his own country, Syria (http://www.d-alyasmen.com/wiki/Syria), and of the Arab world, are reflected in the stories and sketches in the satirical style typical of his writing.
His first stories were published in 1957. Since then he has published eleven collections of short stories, two collections of satirical articles and numerous children’s books. His works have been translated into many languages, with two collections in English, Tigers on the Tenth Day (translated by Denys Johnson-Davies (http://www.d-alyasmen.com/wiki/Denys_Johnson-Davies), Quartet 1985) and Breaking Knees, published June 2008. [2] (http://www.d-alyasmen.com/vb/#cite_note-1)
In 2009 he won the Blue Metroplis Montreal International Literary prize

Early life
Zakaria Tamer was born in 1931 in the Al-Basha district of Damascus. He was forced to leave school in 1944, at the age of thirteen in order to help provide for his family.[4] (http://www.d-alyasmen.com/vb/#cite_note-3) He was apprenticed to a blacksmith as a locksmith in a factory in the Al-Basha district of Damascus.[5] (http://www.d-alyasmen.com/vb/#cite_note-4) At the same time, as an autodidact (http://www.d-alyasmen.com/wiki/Autodidact), he spent many hours reading various books, he became interested in politics and was encouraged by contact with intellectuals to continue his education at night school. He read voraciously and was provoked by his reading, as he later said in an interview, "to create a voice which [he] hadn't been able to find [there]"[6] (http://www.d-alyasmen.com/vb/#cite_note-5). His intention was to represent in his writing the very poor majority of men and women in Syria, with their joyless and restricted existence.
He began his literary career in 1957, when he published some stories in Syrian journals. His first manuscript was noticed by Yusuf al-Khal (http://www.d-alyasmen.com/wiki/Yusuf_al-Khal), the poet, critic and editor of the magazine Shi'r ("Poetry") which at the time was acting as midwife to the birth of modern Arabic poetry. The talent that lay behind the poetical prose of theses stories, was so unlike anything being written in Arabic at the time, that Al-Khal decided to publish it, this became his first collection of short stories, which was entitled The Neighing of the White Steed.[7] (http://www.d-alyasmen.com/vb/#cite_note-6)
The collection brought him considerable attention and repute amount readers and critics.
To date he has published eleven collections of stories, two collections of satirical (http://www.d-alyasmen.com/wiki/Satirical) articles and dozens of children's books.

Short story collections

The Neighing of the White Steed(1960) صهيل الجواد الابيض Ṣahīl al-Jawād al-Abyaḍ

Spring In The Ashes, (1963) ربيع في الرماد Rabīʿ fī l-Ramād

The Thunder, (1970) الرعد Ar-Raʿd

Damascus Fire, (1973) دمشق الحرائق Dimashq al-Ḥarāʼiq

Tigers on the Tenth Day, (1978) النمور في اليوم العاشر al-Numūr fī l-Yawm al-ʿĀshir

Noah's Summons, (1994),نداء نوح Nidāʼ Nūḥ

We Shall Laugh, (1998) سنضحك Sanaḍḥak

IF!, (1998) أف!

Sour Grapes, (2000) الحصرم Al-Ḥiṣrim

Breaking Knees, (2002) تكسير ركب Taksīr Rukab

The Hedgehog, (2005) القنفذ Al-Qunfuḏ

الذي أحرق السفن

1 الاعتقال
الأشجار الخضر في الشارع كفت عن الغناء لحظة تحلق عدد من رجال الشرطة متجهمي الوجوه حول رجل يمشي على الرصيف سيفًا هرمًا، رمحًا متعبًا، آن له أن يخلد إلى الراحة بعد انتصاره في آلاف المعارك. وابتدره واحد منهم قائلاً له بلهجة فظة: (أعطنا هويتك).
فتقبّل الرجل لهجة الشرطي باستنكار، وأوشك أن يستسلم لحنق عارم، لكنه اكتفى بالابتسام باستعلاء. ومدّ يده إلى جيبه، وأخرج هويته، وقدمها للشرطي الذي ألقى عليها نظرة سريعة ثم قال متسائلاً: (أنت إذن طارق بن زياد?).
فأجاب الرجل باعتزاز: (نعم أنا طارق بن زياد).
عندئذ قال الشرطي ساخرًا: (هلا تفضلت بمرافقتنا?).
- (إلى أين?).
- (إلى المخفر).
- (المخفر! ولماذا).
- (مطلوب للتحقيق).
- (أنا أنا طارق بن زياد!).
- (لا يهمّنا من تكون. أنت الآن شخص تقضي الأوامر باعتقالك حيا أو ميتًا).
فقطّب طارق بن زياد جبينه بينما كان الدم المتدفق في شرايينه رعدًا شرسًا، غير أنه لم يكد يهمّ باستئناف سيره حتى طوّقه رجال الشرطة وأمسكوا به. فحاول الإفلات من أيديهم، فبادروا يضربونه بقسوة وتشفٍّ، حتى أرغموه على الكف عن المقاومة، وتهاوى أرضًا يغمره الخجل والدم.
2 الاستجواب
في اليوم الأول خلق الجوع في اليوم الثاني خلقت الموسيقى في اليوم الثالث خلقت الكتب والقطط في اليوم الرابع خلقت السجائر في اليوم الخامس خلقت المقاهي في اليوم السادس خلق الغضب في اليوم السابع خلقت العصافير وأعشاشها المخبأة في الأشجار.
وفي اليوم الثامن خلق المحققون، فانحدروا توّا إلى المدن، وبرفقتهم رجال الشرطة والسجون والقيود الحديدية.
(طارق بن زياد.. أنت متهم بتبديد أموال الدولة).
- (مخطئون. أنا لم أبدد أي أموال).
(ألست أنت الذي أحرق السفن).
- (حرق السفن كان لا بد منه لكسب النصر).
(لا نريد سماع أعذار. أجب عن سؤالنا فقط. هل أحرقت السفن أم لم تحرقها).
- (أنا أحرقت السفن..).
(وأحرقتها دونما إذن! لماذا لا تجيب هل حصلت على إذن من رؤسائك بحرق السفن).
- (إذن?! الحرب تختلف عن الكلام في المقاهي والشوارع).
وتأمّل طارق بن زياد بعينين مفعمتين بالازدراء والنقمة وجوه المحققين المحيطين به، ثم سألهم بهدوء: (أين كنتم وقت الحرب).
(كنا نؤدي واجبنا).
(نحن أيضًا حملنا السلاح).
فصاح طارق بن زياد بصوت نزق: (حملتم السلاح وجلستم وراء المكاتب تحتسون الشاي والقهوة وتتحدثون عن الوطن والنساء!).
فضحك المحققون، ثم تعالت أصواتهم جوفاء صارمة باردة:
(أنت خائن).
(حرق السفن كان ضربة لقوة الوطن).
(من الذي استفاد من حرق السفن لا أحد سوى العدو).
(تكلم. السكوت لن ينفعك).
(لدينا الوثائق التي تثبت خيانتك وتعاونك مع العدو).
(الشعب يعرف كيف يعاقب الخونة).
وهجم البحر والأعداء، وامتزجا بصرخة رجل: (البحر من ورائكم والعدو أمامكم).
فصاح طارق بن زياد بصوت متهدج: (ولكني أنا الذي هزم الأعداء).
فقيل له إن ما يقوله لا علاقة له بالتهمة الموجهة إليه.
3 الإعدام
هربت النجوم، فها هم أولاء قد أتوا، وفتحوا باب الزنزانة، ودلفوا إلى داخلها جرادًا جائعًا، ولم يدهشوا عندما ألفوا طارق بن زياد جثة هامدة، إنما سارعوا ينقلونه إلى ساحة المدينة، وهناك تلوا الحكم بإعدامه شنقًا، ثم سألوه عن رغباته الأخيرة، فلم يفه بكلمة، فعَدُّوا صمته دليلاً على عدم وجود ما يرغب فيه، وبعدئذ تدلى مشنوقًا.
من مواطن مثالي إلى السيد مدير الشرطة: خضوعًا لأوامركم، أرجو السماح لي بأن أموت .

رامي مبين
07-02-2009, 12:00 AM
Hi every body

It's nice to practice English
My favorite writer is William Shakespeare (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Shakespeare)
P.S: Dear Aqillah you can't say thinner greetings Instead you can say Delicate Greetings
Nice topic lets revive it.